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We offer Routine Prophylaxis/ light scaling cleanings and periodontal maintenance with attention to all of your “details” Sensitivity? Dry-mouth? We dial in the details of your cleaning to deliver both the greatest benefit to your smile’s health, and to create a relaxing and blissful experience you’ll look forward to time and again

Teeth Cleaning

Oral Assessments

Coronal Polish

Dental Scaling/Debrident

Esthetics Menu

Sapphire Whitening
Laser Gum Contouring

Dental Sealants

Smoothing and Shaping

Preventive Services

Dental Sealants

Fluoride Application

Teeth Desensitizing Treatment

Sports Mouth Guards

Periodontal Therapy

Laser Treatment

Sulcular debridement with cleanings for on-the-spot inflammation reduction.

Localized Antibiotic Therapy


Hybrid and Prosthesis Maintenance Cleanings

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