A new and better way to practice

How Does it Works?

Dental hygienists operate under a system called teledentistry, a telecommunications service for dental care, without the necessary of a dental supervisor to be physically present. We have several dental directors supervising the approval or refusal for patients to receive a scope of our services. Dentists work remotely and assist all dental hygienists via telecommunications for patients in need of service.

How Does it Works For InstaDent?

We conduct one large main dental office, who will oversee all other satellite franchises and or practices. All dental hygienist must follow protocol and virtual dental practice we uphold within the range of one’s licensed capabilities.

What Operates Teledentistry?

Hardware and Software

Each dental hygienist utilizes a computer/tablet with the function of HIPAA-compliant communication software.


Imaging equipment will include intraoral cameras and portable x-ray devices to capture images for successful telecommunication.

Internet Access

The most important component to teledentistry, internet access must be functional for both the patient and dental professionals.

Interested in InstaDent?


Find accessible locations by pre-existing relationships with dentists. Have the opportunity to create your own hygiene based practice without limitations.

InstaDent +

We help you build plum-free, retail-driven franchise consisting of 2 – 4 patient chairs. You will have the liberty to own and manage your franchise with a percentage of revenue.